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Digital Menu Design & Strategy

A custom animated layout is strategically designed around your brand in order to engage customers. Digital menu boards are animated using dynamic video and motion graphics that capture 400% more attention than static menu boards.

Change product visibility and pricing based on inventory levels, season, weather and more.

Updates & Flexibility

Instantly change menu content and pricing across the entire organization streamlining brand consistency and/ or adapting to specific demographics.

Schedule , Segment & Publish

Our team handles content updates, scheduling, publishing, segmentation of content based on demographics, day-parting, LTOs, initial and expiration dates.

Food & Nutritional Labeling

Quickly update digital menu boards to comply with new healthcare laws from the Affordable Care Act , state and federal regulations.

Title IV of the Affordable Care Act states that “Restaurants which are part of a chain with 20 or more locations doing business under the same name must disclose calories on the menu board and in written form.”

Digital menu boards provide a simple way for restaurants to change the information displayed on menu boards, allowing restaurants to remain compliant with new laws and regulations.

Reduce Cost

Reduce printing cost and save the unnecessary time it takes to manually update static signs each time the menu changes and/ or is updated.

Save money and man-hours by not spending thousands of dollars for printed menus, distribution and shipping cost to replace static menus.

Influence Purchase Decision

Drive demand and influence purchase decision by captivating your audience through EyeCatching content design using motion graphics and specific aesthetics aimed to draw attention.

Customize Menu Strategy

Take full advantage of our world leading platform by customizing a strategy that targets customers with specific content based on time of day, temperature, locations, demographic and more.

Update Information In Real Time

Take control of the moment and enjoy immediate rectification. Our world leading platform provides real time updates for product pricing, description, imagery, inventory levels and more. No room for mistakes.