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Nobody Reads HR Emails Anymore

The modern worker sends and receives hundreds if not thousands of emails per week, forcing many to check their mobile phones constantly during off hours just to keep up. While sending HR and other important information electronically may never go away, relying solely on email is losing its effectiveness. Well placed digital signage in dwell time areas such as elevators and break rooms helps drive critical messages – but be careful: make sure to mix in “infotainment” such as weather, updated traffic and even fun trivia to keep your digital signage fresh and relevant.

Break Through the Clutter

Effective communication is critical to an organization’s success. It's even more challenging with employees across multiple sites, many times away from phones and computers. Digital displays are replacing bulletin boards, posters and emails with high impact visual communication that enhances operations and engages staff and customers alike.

Employee Messaging

Digital Signage is an effective platform to convey day to day communications. Digital displays allow your organization to get those daily messages delivered on time, on all screens, company wide, instantly. Digital Signage will help messages get noticed, using motions graphics to engage with your staff.

Engagement & Motivation

Business communicators are using digital signage to increase engagement in their companies. Allowing all members of the organization to understand the mission, strategy and objectives of the company. Ensuring staff members feel informed and integrated with day to day operations. Digital signage creates awareness and effectively informs staff of key messages such as milestones met, financial performance, acquisitions, awards.

Visualize Corporate Dashboards

The era of “Big Data” is upon us, but just collecting information is only the beginning. You can use well placed digital signage to provide relevant information for different types of employees, such as current pipeline data for sales, wait times and customer satisfaction for your call centers, social media impact for the marketing teams and even efficiency statistics for the manufacturing floor.

Strengthen Company Culture

Enhance company culture using digital signage to display employee recognition, awards, company featured articles, growth, quarterly/ monthly highlights and more. Involve employees in corporate events, holiday parties and other collective company happenings.



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